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 Promises of God in your hands


> 2 Tap to take promise
> +1000 God’s Promises
> Available : English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German




Based on a traditional sport in Colombia. It is played by throwing a metal plate or disc weighing about 2 kg at a target so as to make it strike the “mechas” (gunpowder) in the middle of the target. Whoever makes the most “mechas” explode wins.

The target is a clay-filled box with gunpowder in its center, such that an explosion is produced when the disc strikes the center.



Dawn in the Air

Become a Grand Master capturing ornithopters. You have no idea which are the ornithopters? What do you hope to find out?

Discover a wonderful story and an awesome game with ‘Dawn in the Air’, the most beautiful and relaxing game for the iPhone & iPod Touch.




Find the Ball

Fast, Funny and the First


> Press play
> One Tap on Cup
> Smile



Connecting the Dots

“If the number 2 pencil is the most popular, why is it still number 2?”


> Just choose a picture and slide your finger to connect the dots
> +80 images to join the dots

iPad version : Connecting the Dots HD



iWater Game

“I discovered I scream the same way whether I’m about to be devoured by a great white shark or if a piece of seaweed touches my foot.”


> Tap on the red button and place the balls into the baskets
> Relaxing and challenging





> Jutsu
1. Press and hold screen
2. Continue to press and shake your device
3. Stop press to recharge your chakra




All in 1 Kids Games


> Find the Ball : attention to the cup
> Connecting the Dots : slide finger to connect the dots
> iWater Game : relaxing and challenging
> Nin-Jutsu : practice your ninja skills




Beat Shake


> Shake device to beat
> 2 Tap to change melody
> Shake : Up, down, left, right, back and front






> iBeeper (Pager) is a Twitter client, easy to use and very funny
> You can read replies, searches and trends
> No required twitter account




Balance XD


> Just move device and maintain balance
> Fast and challenging
> No music or sounds inopportune XD




Air Gift


> Move device to get Gifts
> Put attention O_O
> Levels Secrets !!!
> No music or sounds inopportune XD


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